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NYC Wedding Photography and Film

Wedding Photographer in New York

NYC wedding photographers are in serious demand, and it’s clear why: the Big Apple might just be the best spot in the world for wedding. So many romantic movies are filmed in New York, and that’s because the city really lends itself to stories about blossoming love.

I have photographed and filmed hundreds of engagements, weddings and proposals in this amazing city where dreams come true, and can give you just the right amounts of energy, passion and knowledge needed in a wedding photographer based in New York. So if you’re looking for wedding photographers in NYC, the search is over!

Though based in New York City, I also offer destination proposal and wedding photography within the USA or anywhere else in the world. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information on destination proposals and weddings.


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City Hall Wedding Photography

I love City Hall for so many reasons. It’s a beautiful building, it’s in the heart of New York City, and it’s incredibly romantic. City Hall gives you all the charm and atmosphere of New York, and all the privacy away from the city’s hustle and bustle for when you actually say 'I do.' It's also one of the most iconic landmarks in NYC, and Brooklyn Bridge is located just a few minutes away. So after your City Hall wedding ceremony, we can always continue our photo shoot there. Or we can take a cab and take pictures in Central Park or any other place in NYC.

I have a great deal of experience in photographing couples who choose to marry in City Hall. In fact, it’s one of my very favorite locations for weddings in the city.

Central Park Wedding Photography

The first time I saw Central Park, the place really took my breath away. To have such a peaceful, green haven in the middle of one of the world's most fast-paced cities is a gift. Whenever I need photographic inspiration that doesn't involve city architecture, Central Park is where I go. Some people think that Central Park proposals are cliché. This is a mistake: spanning from 59th to 110th, the park offers all sorts of fields, groves, lakes, walks, landmarks and outlook points, all of which have the power to tell your unique romantic story.         

For the perfect Central Park engagement or wedding, tell me more about yourself and your partner, and I will help you find the spot that will suit your personalities and relationship. 

Wedding Photography Packages start from just $375

Want more information about my other video and photo package options? Thinking about hiring a drone for filming? Just send me a message and I’ll get right back to you!

Wedding Planning

So you've already proposed – congratulations! But before you both collapse in a happy, loved-up heap together, don't forget that little event coming up: your wedding day. If you are planning a wedding in NYC and need a helping hand navigating all the wedding logistics, I would be glad to assist you. I work together with a professional events planner to help refine the details of your day and ensure your wedding is one that’s truly unforgettable. As New York residents, we know exactly how to pull off an enviable wedding in the greatest city on Earth. Whether you have in mind an intimate wedding or a grand wedding with all the bells and whistles, we offer the following and more:

  • Photographer/Videographer hire
  • Assistance with planning and timing your day
  • Bespoke plans for your big day
  • Venue hire and/or location permits, including private rooftops with breathtaking views
  • Officiant hire
  • Decorations, direct from our studio (contact us for our list)
  • Live musicians 
  • Florist hire
  • Catering hire 

Custom Wedding Planning Packages start from just $450

Looking for unique wedding ideas, rooftop/venue rental, decorations, live musicians, officiant or just general assistance? Send me a message and my planning team will get right back to you!


Same Sex Wedding

I am an LGBT-friendly wedding photographer and videographer, and love helping LGBT couples have the wedding of their dreams. A number of my couples have been from the LGBT community, and I count many of their weddings among the highlights of my job. Contact me for advice and thoughts on how to pull off an amazing LGBT wedding. I’d love to help you create the perfect day for you and your partner.

Who I am

Vlad Leto

I am an NYC-based marriage proposal photographer and videographer. I came to New York from Russia to study for a Master’s in Photography from SVA, NYC. I specialize in capturing marriage proposals; those beautiful, surprise moments when you tell your partner you’ll love them for the rest of their life.

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Miguel from Mexico City. Proposed in NYC on Times Square

Robert from London Proposed in NYC in 4 Freedoms Park

Kyle from South Carolina Proposed in Central Park on  Bow Bridge

Working with Vlad was super easy, he was great giving me tips for the proposal since he is very knowledgeable of the city. We had a few calls, arranged everything via email and whatsapp. He accommodated my schedule needs, waited for us when the plan got delayed, and was very understanding of my payment option needs. 

I was very nervous trying to arrange a surprise/secret engagement photo shoot and coordinate this in an unfamiliar country and city. Vlad put me at ease. He helped me to organise the time, location and listened to me about what type of photos I wanted. On the day he was very discreet, and after the big moment he took some perfect shots which we have had printed out at home. I would recommend this service to everyone looking to get engaged. My fiancée loved it.

Vlad is very professional and easy to work with. From the beginning to the end, everything was easy and top quality. He was quick to respond to emails, easy to coordinate with, was at the location on time and took pictures that both my fiancée and I loved! He knew the city and all the best locations to capture our moment and got the pictures to us within just a couple days. Highly recommend.

Like a Spy, He Photographs Marriage Proposals in New York City

This guy has been secretly photographing marriage proposals in New York

Vlad Leto hides in crowds all over the city and snaps that special moment when a marriage proposal is about to be made.

Photographer goes undercover to zapture intimate paparazzi-style pictures of 200 proposals in New York City

Secretly shoot your marriage proposal in the Big Apple

14 Photos of surprise engagements that will have you sobbing into your cat

How Else Can I Help You?




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Proposal Photography


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Additional information

Marriage Proposal in New York

The feeling of getting engaged is like nothing else in the world, and where better to do that than in the city where everything is possible? My photography has taken me all over the world and to all number of cities, but for me, New York has to be the best city for proposing. NYC has so many beautiful parks, restaurants and bars — from picnics in Central Park to boat rides by the Bethesda Fountain and even extravagant helicopter experiences, you’re definitely spoilt for choice!

Marriage Proposal Ideas

My assistance with your big day goes beyond photographing your proposal — I can also help you in the planning of the day, rent rooftop spots just for you, and even organize videography. As an experienced videographer, I can produce a beautiful video to accompany photographs of your proposal. Let’s talk! Just write to me using the contact form and I’ll be sure to get back to you with a few ideas to get you started.

Proposal Videographer in New York

Vlad Leto is a photographer and videographer with years of experience filming proposals and weddings in and around the amazing New York City. It’s really not surprising that so many people choose to marry in New York — from the magic of Central Park to the splendor of the Rockefeller Center, the question is less 'why New York' and more 'why anywhere else!' You’ve been thinking about this big day for weeks, maybe even years, and you need a proposal videographer in New York to help bring your ideas into fruition.

Video Proposal

Video proposals are the most 21st Century way to ask your loved one 'will you marry me?' But don’t let that dissuade the more traditionally-minded among you — I know how important it is to let that moment when you actually pop the question stay your moment. I will keep back, and our crew will film you without your partner suspecting a thing (we’re like the ninjas of marriage proposals!) meaning my video proposals will give you both the privacy you want — and the memory for a lifetime.

Marriage Proposal Video in New York

Marriage proposals are such a beautiful and important time in your life. And nothing tells your loved one how much you mean to them like a marriage proposal video in New York. I know the city like the back of my hand — and I know all the top locations that will make your partner swoon! But if you have clear ideas yourself on what to do, I’m perfectly happy to stay in the background and just keep the wheels turning. The most important thing about the day is you and your partner.

Only Choose the Best

A proposal of marriage in Central Park has a unique one-of-a-kind thrill to it. A Central Park proposal is something to tell your grandchildren about. The excitement and charm of Central Park engagement photos are special memories even more cherished.

Also, for your wedding day, you want to choose one of the best wedding photographers in NYC. I know all the best places for outstanding Central Park wedding photos which will make your wedding day a one of a kind moment.