Top Proposal Locations in New York City in 2024

New York City, a place filled with romance and excitement, has many beautiful spots where you can ask someone to marry you. Each spot tells a story of love and dreams. If you’re thinking of asking the big question, here are my favorite places in New York City for 2024:

  • Central Park:Central Park is a favorite place for asking someone to marry you. The park is very big, and the most loved spots for proposals are between 59th to 81st street. The areas around Gapstow and Bow Bridge are very pretty. You can also put up beautiful decorations in the gazebos here. You can find more information in my article about proposing in Central Park.
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park: Another evergreen favorite, this park presents an unmatched view of downtown Manhattan. Be advised, it can get extremely crowded. I recommend researching the optimal time for your proposal. Alternatively, if you don’t mind an audience, consider bold gestures like arranging giant “Marry Me” letters – an exciting feature we can assist with.
  • Pier 57: This location is a recent addition and isn’t as crowded yet. While the adjacent Little Island teems with visitors, Pier 57 offers, in my opinion, a superior view. If you’ve been contemplating a proposal on Little Island, I suggest considering Pier 57 instead. Just keep in mind that decorations aren’t permitted here.
  • Top of the Rock: Despite newer and trendier sky decks and rooftops like The Edge and The Summit, I firmly believe that Top of the Rock remains the preeminent public rooftop for a proposal in NYC. The iconic view, framed by the classic NYC landscape and the Empire State Building, is simply unbeatable. Bear in mind that no decorations are permitted and it can get crowded. This leads me to my next suggestion – private rooftop proposals.
  • Private Rooftop Proposals: Among my preferred private rooftops are “Sparkling Midtown,” cherished for its magnificent Empire State Building view and the latitude it affords for creating stunning proposal decorations, including towering five-foot signs and sparklers. The “Downtown Terrace” is another favorite, boasting a breathtaking view of the Freedom Tower and a wooden deck that accommodates beautiful decorations. In my experience, a private rooftop proposal is an excellent option in NYC.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: For classical art aficionados, the Met is an enchanting venue. Despite professional photography not being officially permitted, I’ve managed to capture some genuinely extraordinary proposals there.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park: Ideal for architecture enthusiasts, this park provides a captivating view of Manhattan Midtown. Please note that, like several other locations, decorations aren’t permitted here.

Remember, the best place to propose is one that resonates with your shared story and allows you both to feel connected and comfortable. While these are some of my favorite spots, New York City’s magic is such that it can render any corner special when you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with your beloved. I’m eager to hear your thoughts about my list, and I hope we can stay in touch to help create your perfect NYC proposal.

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