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Vlad Leto

Vlad Leto is a New York Times featured photographer who specializes in surprise proposals, intimate wedding and couples photography. He has a Masters Degree in photography form SVA NYC and has captured over 1,000 proposals and weddings throughout New York City.
Vlad has also been profiled in Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, the New York Times, Euro New and other US and international publications.
Since 2010 he’s been making photographic magic in NYC.
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Like a Spy, He Photographs Marriage Proposals in New York City
This guy has been secretly photographing marriage proposals in New York
Vlad Leto hides in crowds all over the city and snaps that special moment when a marriage proposal is about to be made.
Photographer goes undercover to zapture intimate paparazzi-style pictures of 200 proposals in New York City
Secretly shoot your marriage proposal in the Big Apple
14 Photos of surprise engagements that will have you sobbing into your cat
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Wedding proposal ideas in New York

Vlad Leto can help you with finding the best spot in the city, the most beautiful flowers, the loveliest special touches, and much, much more, for creating that perfect moment. With me, you don’t just get a professional photographer — you get my knowledge and experience of the elopement in NYC. It can be tricky to think up NYC proposal ideas all on your own. So why go it alone, when you can speak through your ideas with me? I have spent the last eight years cooking up all kinds of marriage proposal ideas all over New York, from the very classic to the most lavish! Put your proposal in the hands of someone who has the experience and the knowledge to pull off the day your partner has been dreaming about, so your New York marriage proposal will be just like anything you see in the movies.

Proposal Packages

A wedding is the beautiful result of so many helping hands from friends and family. But a proposal is the special time that you get with each other, to really experience your love and affection as a couple — and without the world outside!

What is the best place to propose in NYC?

Central Park, Times Square and Brooklyn Bridge Park are the most famous places for proposing in NYC. These are the 3 areas where many start their quest to find a romantic spot. Central Park alone has so many aspects, from the scenic Bow Bridge (a favorite with film buffs) to hidden waterfalls that no tourist will chance upon. But New York has hundreds of great proposal spots; contact me and I will help you find one that suits your ideas.