NYC Elopement Photographer

With New York City’s seemingly endless options of sites to hold your ceremony and atmospheric locations for post-wedding photos, you’ll be nearly starstruck by the number of possibilities to shape your wedding.

I’ve been photographing New York City elopements since 2010 and my experience has given me a keen insight into the best spots for creating a dazzling experience. From City Hall weddings to ceremonies in Brooklyn set against NYC’s iconic skyline to Central Park elopements, I’ll help you select the perfect locations for your elopement.

Elopement Photographer NYC

Prices Start from $495

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First I’ll help you find the best location for your wedding, assist you with planning, and if needed, help in finding an officiant, musicians, and decorations. (I can even be your witness if needed).

After the wedding, that very same night, I’ll send you a few pictures to share with your friends and family with the rest of the photos being ready in just 2 days.

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Elopement Videographer NYC

Prices Start from $695

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Once we’re set with the idea and location, I’ll create a map of the elopement spot and give you insights you need to know. On the day of your ceremony, I’ll be taking a video of you in an engagement style to create a true story-like feel.

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Wedding Planning

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I work together with a professional wedding planner to help refine the details of your day and make your proposal one that’s truly unforgettable. We offer the following and more:

  • Unique proposal ideas
  • Assistance with planning and timing your day
  • Bespoke plans for your big day
  • Decorations, direct from our studio
  • Live musicians
  • Venue rental in NYC, including private rooftops with breathtaking views
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About Me

Vlad Leto

Vlad Leto is a New York Times featured photographer who specializes in surprise proposals, intimate wedding and couples photography. He has a Masters Degree in photography form SVA NYC and has captured over 1,000 proposals and weddings throughout New York City.
Vlad has also been profiled in Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, the New York Times,
Euro New and other US and international publications.
Since 2010 he’s been making photographic magic in NYC.
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Press about me

Like a Spy, He Photographs Marriage Proposals in New York City.
This guy has been secretly photographing marriage proposals in New York.
Vlad Leto hides in crowds all over the city and snaps that special moment when a marriage proposal is about to be made.
Photographer goes undercover to zapture intimate paparazzi-style pictures of 200 proposals in New York City.
Secretly shoot your marriage proposal in the Big Apple.
14 Photos of surprise engagements that will have you sobbing into your cat.


Can you help me with an idea?

Definitely. I have a creative team behind me, including a proposal planner, to help build the perfect proposal for your partner. Just send me a message and we can pencil in a chat.

Can you capture my proposal on video?

Yes, definitely! In fact, I think it’s necessary to have the proposal not only photographed but also filmed. Video gives a wonderfully rounded perspective to your proposal that perfectly complements the photography.

I shot and edited my first marriage proposal video in the summer of 2015 using two cameras and a drone. The video was published online and quickly went viral: it became one of the ‘Best Proposal Videos of 2015,’ awarded by, one of the most popular wedding proposal websites around. I have plenty of film package options available to suit all budgets. Just send me a message with your ideas and I’ll get back to you with some suggestions.

Can I make an appointment to meet with you before the big day?

Certainly. If you are in New York, you can come and meet me in my studio or in a spot of your choosing in the city. If you are not in NYC, we can schedule a Skype call or telephone conversation; my number is +1(929) 600-1664.

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Additional information

Your Personal Storyteller in NYC Elopement Photography

Hey there! I’m Vlad Leto, super excited to be your personal storyteller and photographer for your NYC elopement. Photography’s been my thing for a while, especially when it comes to capturing those incredible moments in life. There’s something really special about documenting love stories against the bustling backdrop of New York City.

Turning Your Love Story into Art

For me, elopement photography isn’t just about snapping pictures. It’s about telling a story, your story. I’m all about catching those quick, tender moments that really show what your relationship’s about. Picture this: the soft whisper of the ocean during your cliffside ceremony, or the gentle touch of your partner’s hand. That’s the stuff I love to capture.

Keeping it Real and Intimate

My whole approach to photography is about making you feel comfortable. I find that the most honest and beautiful moments come out when you’re just being yourselves. It’s not always the big, dramatic gestures – sometimes it’s a look, a laugh, or just a quiet moment together. Capturing those little things with realness and a bit of artistic flair is my goal.

Here for You, Every Step of the Way

Choosing a photographer for your elopement in NY is a big deal. You want someone who takes amazing photos, sure, but also someone who gets you and can guide you through the process. From our first chat to capturing your big day, I’m all about making this experience personal and true to you. I’ll be there, snapping away, making sure every emotion and celebration is caught on camera without getting in your way.

Telling Your Story Beautifully

These photos are more than just pictures. They’re memories, pieces of your history you’ll look back on forever. That’s why I put so much care into selecting and editing each one, making sure they’re not just beautiful, but also full of feeling. These are the memories you’ll treasure and share for years to come.

My Photography Journey

With over 15 years experience in elopement photography, I offer my clients a personalized approach to coming up with the best elopement ideas and performing the perfect photoshoot. I started out just loving to take pictures of the everyday beauty around me. That love turned into a career where I discovered my true passion: elopement photography. My style mixes romance, intimacy, and a timeless feel, focusing on capturing the real emotions and unique vibe of each couple’s story.

NYC: More Than Just a Backdrop

New York City is a huge part of your love story when you’re here. I know this city inside out and use that to add something special to your photos, mixing the city’s energy with your personal love story.

To help you envision where your elopement could take place, here’s 3 of the most popular ideas in New York:

  1. 🏛️ City Hall. City Hall is located in downtown Manhattan, and it’s very simple. You go there, wait in line for about an hour, and after a quick proceeding you’re married.
  2. 🌳 Central Park. One of the most beautiful parks in the world, getting married in Central Park is always a great idea. Here’s a link where you can discover more info about Elopement in Central Park.
  3. 🌉 Brooklyn Bridge Park. The park offers fantastic views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge, and afterwards you can celebrate in one of Brooklyn’s great restorations.

Customized for Your Unique Day

  • Every couple’s different, and that’s why I offer elopement packages you can tailor to fit exactly what you need. Whether you’re planning something low-key or a bit more extravagant, I’m here to make sure your vision comes to life.
  • As we gear up for your big day, just be you. Pick outfits that scream ‘you’, chat with me about what you’re envisioning, and most importantly, relax and enjoy. Trust me to capture the real essence of your relationship.
  • Choosing me as your NYC elopement photographer means you’re getting more than just someone who takes photos. You’re getting a storyteller, an artist, and a buddy who’ll help you weave a beautiful tale of your love, one that’ll stand the test of time. Let’s make some magic together!