Rainy day proposal in NYC. Where to propose if it’s raining?

It’s not a secret that NYC is the most popular city in the world for a Marriage proposal.
But what happened if the weather wanted to bring some new elements to your proposal plan, and it’s started to rain on your Proposal day?
In this article, I will explain your options if it’s raining. Share my favorite covered locations in the most popular proposal areas, like Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge area, and some indoor options. And I will also share a few of my favorite proposals under the rain.

NYC is not a very rainy city.

On average, there are 224 sunny days per year in New York
You actually have a low chance to get under the rain in NYC. Especially comparing with other cities that are also popular for proposals. There are 109 rainy days annually in New York compared to 128 rainy days in Miami, Florida, 154 rainy days in Paris, and 106 rainy days in London.
July is the rainiest month of the year, and January is the less. But keep in mind that July is also the warmest month of the year, and to get under the rain could be such a pleasure and be very romantic.
So you have a low chance of catching rain in NYC, but let’s see what you can do if you do.

It’s actually very romantic to propose under the rain.

Rain is considered a very romantic thing, plus it will be such an exciting thing to remember from your proposal.
Another great feature of proposing under the rain is that the area around you is getting empty from people. For example, the only chance to propose on an empty Bow Bridge without any people on the weekend is if it’s raining. So I usually recommend bring umbrellas if it is raining and keep the original proposal plan.

What if it’s heavy rain, which usually happens once a few times a season.

Here are my favorite proposal locations on a rainy day in NYC.

Central park proposal places for a rainy day:

  • Bethesda terrace.
    Bethesda Terrace is a stunning area. It has a lovely covered area that will be great for a marriage proposal.
  • The Ladies pavilion.
    The Ladies Pavilion is antique-looking cast iron and wood structure famous for central park weddings with a roof covering from rain.
  • The Dene Summerhouse
    The Dene Summerhouse rustic shelter is one of my favorite proposal spots in NYC.
    It has only partial protection from the rain because It’s doesn’t have a solid roof, like in previous spots. Still, it’s good enough to feel comfortable during the rain.


Brooklyn bridge area proposal places for a rainy day:

  • Archway Under Manhattan Bridge.
    If you wanted to propose near Brooklyn bridge and rain caught you off guard, you can go there. It’s a large covered area, but it could be crowded during a weekend.


Indoor proposal locations:

There are plants of indoor locations for a proposal in NYC. My favorites are –

  • Grand Central
  • New York Public Library
  • Metropolitan museum of art

But I think that the point of prosing in NYC is to have this fantastic view of the city, so I usually recommend outdoors or private rooftops.


And, as I promised at the beginning, here are my favorite proposals under the rain.


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