Why is Sunset Marriage Proposal in NYC overrated? And how to make it right, if you really want it.


“Golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset. So, it’s basically one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.”
Most photo websites will tell that the golden hour is the best time for any kind of photography.
I would argue with that. A golden hour might be good for photography if you are somewhere in nature, open space, and no people around. But what happens in NYC at golden hour?

What is wrong with the sunset proposal in NYC?

  1. The sun is gone. The sun is going over NYC’s high-rises before it’s going over the horizon. And there just can be not enough light for a good shot. 
  2. Crowd. If you are reading this article, you have probably thought about a sunset photo shoot. As well as many others. Sunset is the most popular time to take photos. Imagine how many people will take pictures at the same time and the same place as you. For example, if you go to Dumbo on the weekend around sunset time, you will see many proposals are happening at the same place and time. Would you like to be a part go this group proposal? I don’t think so. Otherwise, you would be on my website and reading this article. I’d like to believe that my clients wanted something more exciting, individual. 
  3. You don’t reply want it, just don’t know yet. People often send me pictures of my proposals, with a description “I want to have the same sunset proposal.” Nope, it’s wasn’t during a sunset. Some don’t believe me, and I send them actual pictures of a sunset proposal and like 30-40 minutes after at the same spot. 


How to plan your Sunset proposal in NYC, if you really want it.

Choose your location wisely. You can actually have a nice good sunset proposal if choose the right spot. The only way is to rent a private rooftop with no obstructed view of the sunset. Like on a head picture of this article, it’s a private rooftop, facing to the west side and has no building that covers the view.


You might think at this point. “Ok, I got your point. But when is a good time for a marriage proposal?” The answer is a bit more complicated. I would first begin with a proposal idea and then find a good time for it. And seriously, try to plan it during the week, it can be very crowded on the weekend. 


What are your options?

  1. You want to have a night view of the city. – Plan it 1-2 hours after the sunset.
  2. You want to have a night view of the city and have it private with no people around. – Rent a private rooftop, same one-two hours after the sunset. 
  3. You want to have a photoshoot in Central Park with a nice view and maybe some flowers decorations. Morning, or two hours before sunset, preferably on a weekday.
  4. Want to have a city view, “Marry Me” letters, candles, strip lights, and no people around. Is your budget under $2000? Premium light the night package, 1 – 2 hours after sunset.

Well, I can do this all day. Shoot me a message and we’ll fugue out the best time for your proposal.

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3 thoughts on “Why is Sunset Marriage Proposal in NYC overrated? And how to make it right, if you really want it.”

  • Michael Howell

    Will be in New York December 23th-25th. I would like the Brooklyn bridge location with giant marry me + flower heart + photography

  • Liam Edwards

    Hi, im looking to propose to my girlfriend on the observation deck at top of the rock in December 2022 in the evening as my girlfriend loves the skyline at night and finds it pretty. I’ve spoken with some employees who work there who have advised the quietest time is after 8pm – I’m looking for a photographer to capture some photos (i can send screenshots of what kind of photos i’m after, I’m aware it all depends on how my girlfriend reacts 🙂 but hopefully you can capture something similar) i would also like a video of the proposal if you could recommend someone who can do that also?

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