Proposal by Flat Iron Building (Dennis and Alke)

Wedding proposal in central of Manhattan, New York City

Having winged across the Atlantic from Germany for a whirlwind trip of New York for Alke’s 30th birthday. Denis planned to make a wedding proposal to Alke in the city of dreams and love. He said that he have read at least a million of articles how to do the best wedding proposal, what ideas to use in this serious odd event. His first idea was to make a proposal on the plane at 35, 000 feet, but Alke usually sleep during the flight, so it would be harder to realize.

So, the next idea was more appropriate. Dennis picked the perfect spot to propose against the iconic backdrop of Manhattan’s Flatiron Building. It is a triangular 22-story, located at 175 Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District. It is important for the couple, because they are big fans of fantasy movies. In the film Godzilla, the Flatiron Building is accidentally destroyed by the US Army while in pursuit of Godzilla, and it is depicted as the headquarters of the Daily Bugle, for which Peter Parker is a freelance photographer, in the Spider-Man movies, so that is more than the highest building of New York City for Dennis and Alke.

Few other historic buildings are as quintessentially symbolic of New York’s grand past than this early skyscraper, which was once one of the tallest in the city. Although the day was so gray, I loved how Dennis’s red coat and the gold colors worn by both dramatically contrast with the muted tones of the streetscape. For these Old World residents, the New World will now forever be tied to their new life together!

After successful wedding photo shooting they came back to the hotel, where a five-star-worthy meal of all fiance-to-be’s favorite foods from a personal chef for the night had been cooked. And special present over dessert for sweet lovers.

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!


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