Central Park – Pine Bank Bridge Proposal (Matthew and Sara)

Texans never get to see much snow, so Matthew and Sara’s Valentine’s Day trip to New York was memorable for Central Park more than one reason. Sara enjoys a good hikes, outdoor picnics and extreme adventures, so Matthew had a variety of crazy ideas for wedding proposal, but he had chosen a safety one.

He decided to write different phrases in the snow that would be visible to him and Sara as there were going up the ski lift. He put there love quotes, wrote out dates and milestones from their relationship, scribble some nicknames as “Siri-search” and “Metty” in the snow. At the very top, he wrote the last phrase “Will You Marry Me?”, using food coloring to dye the snow to make it easier to read.

While wandering through the wintry wonder of Central Park and climbing on spots of high, Matthew found the perfect place where the last phrase was visible. It was on Pine Bank Bridge. He stayed down on one knee and made a proposal. She was too amazed to say “no” and not to cry. That was truly great marriage proposal. Matthew made lots of efforts to create it.

I love the photo of them holding hands in the copse of trees! The excitement and joy of this foray out into Olmsted’s snowy landscape is reflected beautifully in Sara’s warm smile. Hot love at Valentine`s Day in snowy hills of Central Park. This is a bizarre mix of controversies as woman and man souls fallen in love.

After all, relationships are about experiences, the journey and adventure, so Matthew has chosen one of the best ways of making wedding proposals, especial when it is a favorite activity of Sara. What the man would not do for the woman he loved! So, from my side I am doing the best that I can for Sara and Matthew remember the day of their wins.


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