Best Holiday Proposal Ideas in NYC

It’s finally the holiday season, and it’s not a secret that it’s the most popular time of the year to propose to your loved one in NYC. Millions of people go to New York City to celebrate their relationship and bring it to the next level. So, what environment could be better than holiday atmosphere, Christmas tree, lights, etc. of NYC?

Christmas Proposal ideas in NYC

Christmas Tree Proposal

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The Christmas Tree by Rockefeller Central is the biggest and the most famous tree in the country. It is open from November 29th to January 7th. The best time for a proposal there is obviously after the sunset when it lights up with hundreds of dazzling lights. The downside is that it’s incredibly crowded. However, I know perfect spots for an unforgettable proposal with the Christmas Tree in the background and I will take amazing pictures. So, contact me if you like this idea and I’ll help you to implement this idea in the best way possible.

Ice Skating proposal

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The Ice Rink at Rockefeller Center is one of the most romantic places in NYC. If you want to propose with the biggest surprise factor, this is your place to go. The only caution is that it’s usually extremely crowded and I highly recommend that you reserve some private time on the rink. The marriage proposal package offers, when the ice is cleared, there will be only you and your proposal with your your favorite song. You can check one of the proposals we did on the Ice on this YouTube video.

 They only have 4-6 slots available each day, so I would highly suggest that you contact proposal planner to put all together for the best way possible.

Holiday market proposal

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During the holiday season, NYC has a great many holiday markets, so it will be a fantastic place to propose. You can hide a proposal ring in one of the Christmas gifts or in a Christmas ball ornament in one of holiday stores. When you go the shopping area, you can let your special one open the pre-bought gift. When she or he opens it, and see the beautiful engagement ring, it will be a fantastic surprise. You can order this proposal package.

Rooftop proposal

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It is a breath-taking idea to propose with the all the city in the background. It can be done during the sunset, or during the night with the city lights, the Empire state building, or the World Trade Center in the background. If you like to have an intimate proposal in New York, having it on a private rooftop would be the best idea.

Jane’s Carousel Proposal

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Jane’s Carousel proposal with the historic Brooklyn bridge in the background is both unique and unforgettable. Just check out this Marriage proposal we captured there last year. You can order this proposal package. Also, don’t forget to contact me for the capture of the proposal video and photos.

Any time good proposal ideas in NYC

There are many other great ideas and locations in NYC for a Marriage proposal in NYC.

You can read about them in my other posts: Best Public Places to Propose in NYC and Best Places to Propose in Central Park.


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