Hudson River Wedding (Clar and Bob)

Clar and Bob had their wedding in City Hall and after went on a boat around Manhattan.

Bob spent weeks telling Clar he wasn’t able to visit her family on Thanksgiving, and she was pretty bummed. During a long walk in the woods a few days before the holiday, Bob stopped in the middle of a bridge and told Clar that he was indeed coming—so they both could tell her family in person they were getting married. Clar said that she was so surprised that fell on the ground and rolled around a bit. And Bob was so nervous, that he accidentally jammed the engagement ring on the wrong finger! But that was not the last surprise from his fate.

A week before the wedding, Bob had a stag party. To everyone’s surprise it was very fun and, it went completely smoothly for everyone except of Bob. That was, until the day after. He woke up in the morning with the air conditioner blowing at full power into his face. He decided to turn it off, but since the remote control wasn’t nearby Bob had to get up to do so. He turned it off but failed to notice the glass by his foot. He stood on it, cutting my foot open. Later, when the doctor was bandaging my foot up, he jokingly said (without knowing that he was actually getting married), “It’ll heal before your wedding day.“ And, in fact, it did! Love is a kind of magic! Wedding day is the best medicine! Moreover, no one wants to look like a Peg leg pirate on wedding photos. If anybody can tell something about it, it is wedding photographer.

Anyway, the couple looks pretty good and happy. Good memories are assured for them – all is doing for the love!


Photo Hudson River Wedding | VladLeto

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