Where to propose in NYC right now? (August 2020)

What’s going on in NYC right now.

New York now is in phase 4 of reopening after the Covid-19. What does it mean if you want to propose? Outdoor zoos, botanical gardens, nature parks, grounds of historical sites, and cultural institutions, outdoor museums are opening up. This is great as now you can plan the whole day full of activities with the marriage proposal and dinner culmination ( outdoor dining is blossoming in NYC).

Where to propose in NYC.

Central Park.

Best spots for proposal in Central Park

From my experience, Central Park is still one of the most popular proposal locations in the city, mainly because there are no tourists in the park. If you come during the weekdays, you can have the most popular sites all for yourself. One of my new favorite spots in Central Park is a rock near the Ladies Pavilion. It’s a great view of the lake along with skylines. You can also check my other article about the best proposal spots in Central Park here

Private Rooftop

Another great way to propose right now would be to rent a private rooftop and propose there. I really think that this is the best safe environment, where you don’t need to worry about other people and can fully customize your engagement experience. I can help you to choose the most romantic rooftop and help with decorations and photography. What I really like right now is the beautiful sunset hour, when the sky is pink, it is the perfect time for a marriage proposal. And what can be better than enjoying the sunset from a rooftop?

Brooklyn waterfront

Marriage Proposal Video from dumbo Brooklyn

Brooklyn waterfront in Dumbo will be my third most popular proposal location. For clients looking to propose with the Manhattan skyline views, this location is absolutely the must. This area has magnificent views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline. I have a couple of exciting day and night time proposal options in this area. During the day, engagement photo sessions or love stories are perfect, as pictures look very colorful and vibrant. If you are looking for a more romantic look, a sunset picnic or candlelight proposal would be ideal. Again, right now, if you come here during the weekdays, there are not that many people in this area, so you can have more privacy. 

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I hope you will find this article helpful and if you have more questions about the locations or the best time of day for engagement photography, contact me directly at info@vladletophotography.com, or (929)600-1664 and I would be happy to assist you. 

Where to propose in NYC right now? (August 2020)
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Where to propose in NYC right now? (August 2020)
Best spots to propose in NYC this August.

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