How to propose at Brooklyn Bridge park?

Brooklyn Bridge is the most popular proposal location after Central Park.
I captured hundreds of proposals there.

2020 update!
There isn’t much changed with Covid 19 pandemic in this area. The only thing that Jane’s Carouse has been closed, and nobody knows when it’s going to open again. Most of the restaurants are open with outdoor and limited indoor dining.

What is special about Brooklyn bridge park proposal?

Views. It has an iconic view of NYC’s Downtown with Brooklyn or Manhattan bridges. It’s located in DUMBO, and it’s in a very cinematic neighborhood. After the proposal is made, it’s great to take more pictures in the area.
Lot’s of great dining options to celebrate after the proposal.

Where it’s located.

It’s located in Dumbo area of Brooklyn. It’s more convenient to get here by taxi rather than drive or take public transport. There are two of my favorite spots for the proposal in that area. One is near Janes’s Carousel and another near Celestine restaurant. Each place has it’s own features, and I will make separate articles about each of them.
This area has lots of great restaurants to celebrate your proposal, for example – The River Cafe, Cecconi’s Dumbo, Celestine and many more.

When is the best time to propose at Brooklyn bridge park?

This area is excellent at basically any time. If you like city lights on your proposal photographs, you choose time after the sunset, and you like city landscapes during the day, do it an afternoon.


This area is usually crowded on the weekend, so if you’d like to have a quiet proposal, it’s better to go during the week.

Addons, decorations.

This area is great for decorations. It’s better to do some flower decorations if you are proposing during the day. LED candles would be a great decoration option after the sunset.
Me and my team have made hundreds of proposal there and will help you choose the best decorations and spot.


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How to propose at Brooklyn Bridge park.
Article Name
How to propose at Brooklyn Bridge park.
Brooklyn Bridge is the most popular proposal location after Central Park. I captured hundreds of proposals there.

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