Brooklyn Heights Promenade Proposal (Kamal and Carol)

Who could possibly count the number of photos taken of the Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade? It makes complete sense why Kamal chose this immortal view of the city as the setting for his March 2 proposal to Nancy.

They were old friends knowing one another since their childhood. Since that time Kamal has been enjoying Nancy but he kept has feelings in secret, because thought that she was too good for him – simple guy from middle-class family. Additionally, Nancy was in relationships when he was moving from the mother city, so he could not say anything. Kamal was more than the happiest man in the world as he said when Carol also moved to New York City after few years of studying. They started to meet on the weekends up and after two months of this weekend “dating” Kamal had the courage to ask about relationships and Nancy said her first “yes” in their relationships surprisingly for Kamal. That was very romantic and creative. Nancy was hosting an improve show at the summer camp where she was working when Kamal decided to make a surprise appearance. With the help of another employee, he made his grand entrance to one of Emily’s favorite songs: “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. In front of about 300 middle school kids, Kamal presented her with a ring box he made with pages from “The Unbreakable Vow” chapter in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

After 4 years together, Kamal gave Nancy a map of New York City so she could pin all the places they’ve visited. A month later, he told her to pack her all necessary things for an impromptu “trip” and then went over to the map and pinned Brooklyn Heights Promenade. During the walking he popped the question on one of the most spectacular points of the city. “I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with the boy I’ve loved since I was 13 years old,” Nancy surprisingly says.

Her green coat provides a stunning pop of color against the gray tones of the city and water in the background. To round out the moment, the newly engaged couple took a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge, one of America’s most incredible feats of engineering.


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