City Hall Wedding (Martina and Kulan)

Wedding photography in Manhattan City Hall.

This couple has unbelievable story of their relationships. It is seems to be a kind of magic, but everything is possible, especially, if we talk about love! Martina was a flower girl on her godmother`s wedding and Kulan was a ring bearer. After twenty years from that day on, after their first walking down the aisle together, they are married. They met when they were just three years old, serving respectively at Martina`s godmother wedding in Central Park. They also were in common class. But time passes and they forget one another. They have only a picture from the wedding where both of them were shown. When they met and started relationships, Martina came to visit Kulan at home and noticed that photo.  He started to laugh because it was the same one they had hanging in the hallway at home, but he never knew who that little pretty girl was.

That wedding was the only time he ever saw Martina, but that was a sign of fate she sure. Their relationship took a romantic turn in their junior year of high school. Kulan went on to attend the University while she studied at Minnesota State University. They had a few years into the long-distance relationship, Martina switched to Minnesota State to be with her future husband. She said that she knew Kulan was going to marry her. They married in Manhatten City Hall. The couple had a family with who flight from all over the globe. That was very quiet spring day, so after the ceremony ended they went taking more photos outside of Marriage bureau. Perfect locations serve to underline the beauty of bride and confidence of groom. I was happy to shot them and listen to the love story that could be a good idea for movie.


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