Bow Bridge Proposal (Kate and Tom)

The story of marriage proposal by Kate and Tom I have shot at Bowbridge in Central park recently is funny and cute. Their relationships started in very strange way – with handshaking. It was a spring they told. They were standing in Central park, and shaking hands for a 5 minutes! It sounds abnormal, but it`s true! Tom said when he felt the tenderness and warmth of Kate`s hand skin that was like a drug for him. They could not keep their hands off. That was the moment when they fell in love right here, surrounded by blossoming nature, in the middle of  Central park.

Since that time as Tom told they tried every way of holding hands. If you are one of the many people out there who think that it is a simple, boring routine that adds nothing to a marriage or romantic relationship, think again, please! I had made numerous of romantic photographs. I think that was the moment to stop worrying about public displays of affection and start learning how to hold hands and translate the love by gentle touches! There are more than one way to hold hands with wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend and it looks like really attractive in shot. Tom and Kate sure that every lover, as they are, can find a unique method specially suited to add romance to any situation. During their long walking in Central park they discovered and even created they special lovely-touch language.

That day Tom and Kate were the happiest sweethearts. Kate intertwined her fingers with his in firm grip, and he kissed their hands, squeezed her hand three times, and she knew that it means “I love you”. She answered in their Morse-Code language, squeezing four times – “I love you more”, and pitched his fingers gently. Then Tom stopped, hugged her tightly, pulled out a ring and offered to get married. They were standing at Bowbridge and felt themselves the closest lovers in Central Park. After the proposal we went taking engagement photos in Midtown Manhattan by “Love” sign and Times Square all together to commemorate this incredible day.


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