Central Park Wedding (Anny and Ryan)

Wedding in Central Park.

Anny and Ryan met in a bar called The Lower Level near the Central park and his first words to her were, ‘You wanna boogie?'” They were doing in dance for few hours, drinking a lot, laughing and talking about sense of life. After that evening together, the fate faced them with each other for few times later. They met through mutual friends at Boston University. Three and a half years later, Anny was studying for his PhD at Yale while Ryan was living in Washington, DC, in an apartment next to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. As Anny told me Ryan sent her a new postcard highlighting different animals at the zoo every week. One weekend in September when she was visiting, he brought Anny to the zoo and proposed to her in front of the gray wolf exhibit. Very practical couple of lovers, I think. Afterward, they grabbed hot dogs and picked out rings together, which they wore on their right hands until their wedding day. I noted that old friends knew one another too much to be romantic in love with each other.

Ryan had a special idea for wedding photoshoot. They decided to take the wedding-day attire out of storage and recreate some of their favorite photos from wedding day of their parents! Not bad. I was delighted of this initiative. Wedding ceremony was in Central Park. Followed by wedding photography on a raw boat in Central Park lake, on a Carriage and in Taxi Cab, as the parents of both had done on their weddings. I am very proud of photographers who made photos for parents of Ryan and Anny. I felt that the art of photography defy times as love does. It was the time when cars were allowed in Central Park.


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