Bow Bridge Proposal (Daniel and Cami)

Romantic proposal on Bow Bridge in Central Park.

Action shots can be hard to nail just right, but the image of Daniel sweeping Cami up into his arms is just about perfect! After a long trip from Mexico, Daniel picked the Bow Bridge in Central Park as the location for his proposal on Jun 18 2014th. Both of them are just bubbling over with happiness. It never fails to touch me that couples want me to be part of one of the most joyous experiences in their lives. I wish them all the best!

During all time Daniel was saying wedding proposal words, he felt himself very nervous. The moment came when he brought the rings up. First, the husband-to-be put the ring on her finger. Then with an elegant gesture, Cami took another one from the box and began pushing it onto his finger. But it wouldn’t fit! It got to the knuckle but wouldn’t go any further — it seemed to be way too small. Daniel started panicking. Everyone in Central Park was watching the couple trying to force a tiny ring onto the finger with mounting desperation. Cami tried putting it on Daniel`s little finger, but it didn’t work. But then, miraculously, with one final rough push, the woman squeezed it onto his third finger. Of course, that was a bit stressful, but funny moment, which made Cami and Daniel closely. And I as their wedding cameraman caught every moment of their proposal story.

When you spend a lot of time planning a proposal, you want to make sure to remember every detail of the big day. Sure, you could set up a tripod and hope the self-timer on your phone catches the moment, but if you want the best pictures possible, a surprise photoshoot which Daniel presented for Cami is the way to go.

 Photo Bow Bridge Proposal | VladLeto

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