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December 13, 2017 - No Comments!

Wagner Cove Surprise Proposal in Central Park

Wagner Cove Surprise Proposal in Central Park.
Are you looking for an intimate proposal spot and ideas in Central Park? Wagner Cove could a good option. It is hidden from popular routes but at the same time located near iconic Bow Bridge.

Wagner's Cove Marriage Proposal. Photographer Vlad Leto Wedding Proposal ideas NYC Wagner's Cove photo

Bow Bridge Central Park engagement photo Engagement photo from Central Park . Photographer Vlad Leto


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November 9, 2017 - No Comments!

Bow Bridge view surprise proposal

Bow Bridge Marriage Proposal. Photographer Vlad Leto


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November 7, 2017 - No Comments!

Bow Bridge Marriage proposal

Bowbridge Surprise proposal, photographer Vlad Leto Bowbridge Surprise Wedding proposal, photographer Vlad Leto


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September 6, 2017 - No Comments!

Best Places to Propose in NYC + Tips.

It's not a secret that New York is the most famous city for Wedding Proposals ever.

NYC has all four seasons and every season has its particular beauty. In New York, you can find any possible cuisine and entertainment for any taste. Every year thousands of people travel to get engaged in NYC. I have been capturing and helping to plan proposals in New York since 2011 and have done over two thousand proposals. Today I will tell you about the top 15 favorite proposal spots in NYC.

Top 14 Public Proposal places in NYC + Tips

14. The Met Cloisters

The Met Cloisters is a castle located in Fort Tryon Park in Upper Manhattan.
It's a beautiful place but located far away from other tourist areas, and sometimes it's hard to get there. They also don't actually allow taking professional pictures inside the castle.

13. Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is a beautiful place located in the heart of New York City. It looks fantastic but also has many people inside, so if you want to propose in an intimate place without hundreds of people around, this place is probably not for you. Otherwise, go for it.


12. Brooklyn Botanical Garden (Especially during the Cherry Blossom season)

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a gorgeous park located in Brooklyn. The most popular proposal locations there are the Japanese Garden, the Cherry Esplanade, and the Conservatories.The best time to propose there is during the Cherry Blossom season which is usually from mid-March to late April.

11. Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park

It's a gorgeous, modern park, located on Roosevelt Island which is just one stop away from Manhattan. This park has a beautiful view of midtown Manhattan, the Empire State Building, and the United Nations Buildings. It's usually a quiet place without many people, plus it's also a perfect place for somebody who likes modern architecture. I would not recommend proposing there during cold winter days because it's located next to the water. There's a cold wind which blows in from the ocean.


10. Gramercy Park

It's a beautiful private park located near downtown Manhattan. It's a peaceful, quiet place. However, the only way to get inside the park is to have a friend who lives near it and who holds a key. Another way to get to Gramercy Park is to stay at Gramercy Park Hotel, and if you speak with the hotel's doorman, they can let you into the park.


9.Rockefeller Center (during Holiday season)

Rockefeller Center is the most popular proposal spot during the holidays in NYC.
During that time, it has a beautiful Christmas tree (the main Christmas tree of New York) and an ice skating rink. Normally this area is very crowded, and if you want to get to the rink, you need to wait in line for an hour or so. But you can reserve the whole rink for your proposal. They clean the ice from all other people and play your favorite song during the proposal. You can make a reservation here.  Be aware however that they can do it only a few times a day, and you had better reserve it a few months ahead for it to be available on the day you want to propose.

8. Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is a lovely park located in Greenwich Village in Downtown Manhattan.
Here, you'll find a vibrant campus-like atmosphere surrounded by the NYU area. The most popular place to propose there is by Washington Square Arch.

7. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic NYC location and is extremely popular among tourists. It's usually very crowded, and I would recommend proposing during in the morning hours. The most popular places to propose there are in the middle of the bridge and by the column closest to Manhattan. Also, note if the weather conditions are too hot or cold, it will be even harsher on the bridge.

6. The High Line park

The High Line is a new park located on the west side of Manhattan. It used to be an over ground subway line. But now it's surrounded by many beautiful buildings created by the best architects, including Zaha Hadid. There are usually many people there, but you will also find some pleasant and quieter areas.

5. Time Square

Time Square is the most famous and most crowded place in NYC. The best time to propose there is after the sunset. For the best surprise, I would recommend that you rent a billboard and display a picture of your Marriage proposal.


4. Empire State Building Rooftop

Empire State Building is the most famous rooftop in NYC.
I personally don’t recommend it for proposals because it can take up to an hour in line to get upstairs from the entrance (however, you can buy a VIP ticket to skip the line and get there a bit faster). Plus, it's usually very crowded, and you don't have many options for the proposal. As an alternative, you could choose Top of the Rock proposal or rent a private rooftop on this website -


3. Top of The Rock

Top of The Rock is a charming proposal place if you would like to have an audience and have a magnificent view of New York City.
You can propose there with the view of Empire State Building or Central Park. It can be very crowded, so choose your proposal time wisely.

2. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is the second most popular proposal spot in NYC, mostly because of its iconic view of Brooklyn Bridge and Downtown Manhattan.

It's great any time of day, but the most popular proposal time is during the sunset. For the best surprise, you can have a fabulous picnic during which you will pop the question. You can also have some candles and a musician waiting for you there. You can order any of these options here.


1. Central Park.

Central Park is the most popular proposal spot in NYC.
It has so many options and places for proposal, such as the Bowbridge, Bethesda fountain, Shakespeare Garden, etc. A few weeks ago, I published an article about proposing in Central Park with the list of Top 10 proposal spots there, you can read it here - Best Places to Propose in Central Park


Which place sounds like the best proposal spot for you?  Please let me know in comments bellow.

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August 6, 2017 - 1 comment.

Central Park Proposal: Tips, Spots & Best Places to Proposal in Central Park | VladLeto

Why proposing in Central Park?

Central Park is probably the most famous and romantic park in the world. It’s located in the center of New York City and I’m sure you saw it in many movies such as:Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ghostbusters, Elf, Home Alone 2, John Wick, and The Avengers.

Central Park is beautiful no matter what the season and in any type of weather.

It’s unequaled in the summer when everything is fresh and green. In the fall when its eye-catching display of yellow/red and in at winter when it covered in snow and ice crystals. Even spring rain is very picturesque here.

How to propose in Central park. General tips.

Central park is open from 6am to 1am daily. You can propose at any time during the park’s open hours. However, you need to remember that central park doesn't have many lights. If you want to propose after sunset, it’s better to have some lighting decorations like candles or other sources of light.

Too, you can’t drink any alcohol beverages in Central Park. But, if you want to have some champagne on your photos, it can be replaced with non-alcohol cider.


Best Places to Propose in Central Park

10 -  Belvedere Castle

The Belvidere Castle is located near 79th street and Central Park West entrance and has a few proposal spots. The first one is on the terrace with a lovely view of the tower. The second one, and my personal favorite, is the area by the Turtle Pond where the complete castle will show up in the background.

Best Places to propose in Central Park - Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle Proposal. Photographer Vlad Leto.


9 - Pinebank Arch

The Pinebank Arch is located near the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park. You can either propose on the Arch or with the Arch in the background.

Best Places to propose in Central Park - Pinebank Arch

Pinebank arch proposal. Photographer Vlad Leto

8 - Gondola Proposal

The Gondola rides in the Central Park Lake. Two of my favorite Gandola proposal spots are by Bethesda Terrace and by Bow bridge. We recently planned and captured this romantic gondola proposal. The couple who were on the gondola ride from the Boat House stopped by the Bethesda Terrace to take some pictures. Our musician was already set up and playing their favorite song. You can see full proposal video by this link - Youtube proposal 007

Gondola Proposal in central park

Gondola Proposal. Photographer Vlad Leto

7 - Cop Cod

Cop Cod is a nice gazebo located just by 59th street and 7th ave entrance. This place is perfect if you have a large group of people involved in your proposal.

The Cop Cot Proposal in Central Park

The Cop Cot Proposal. Photographer Vlad Leto

6 - Cats Rock

Cats Rock is located by 65th street and 5th ave entrance to Central Park. This rock has a gorgeous view of Central Park along with the NYC high-rise scenery.

Proposal at Cat Rock in Central Park

Cat Rock Proposal Central Park. Photographer Vlad Leto

5 - Bethesda Fontaine and Terrace

Bethesda Fontaine and Terrace are located near 72nd street and the 5th entrance. It’s likely the most recognizable place in Central Park but it’s also the most crowded place in the park.  If you want to propose with such a great scenery in the background, and don't want to have hundreds of other people right next to you, I will recommend you go there in the early morning. It’s also an interesting place to propose when its raining outside because you can be covered under the terrace.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain Proposal. in Central Park

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain Proposal. Photographer Vlad Leto

4 - Wagner Cove

Wagner Cove is located near the 72nd street and the Central Park west entrance. This is a quiet spot for intimate and night time proposals. For an extra light source, you may want to bring some candle decorations.

Proposal in Wagner Cove in Central Park.

Wagner Cove Proposal in Central Park. Photographer Vlad Leto

3 - Shakespeare Garden

The Shakespeare Garden is located near 81st and Central Park west entrance and it has few special proposal spots. The first spot to propose is a bench near Swedish Cottage. It’s located off the beaten tourist path so there is privacy. if you want to make your proposal even more romantic, we can decorate it with some flowers, pictures and bring a musician to play your favorite song. The second spot is by Whisper Bench. It’s a quiet spot with pleasant green scenery. Link proposal video from The Shakespeare Garden

Marriage Proposal at Shakespeare garden in Central Park NYC

Shakespeare garden proposal. Photographer Vlad Leto.

2 - Gapstow Bridge

The Gapstow Bridge is located near 61st street and the 5th ave entrance, which is just next to the famous Plaza Hotel and 5th ave Apple store. This is a very beautiful place and with the classic Central Park scenery, however, you need to know few tricks for successful proposal here.

  • The first tip is DON’T propose on the Bridge because it’s tiny and usually has a crowd people on it!
  • The best place to propose is north from the bridge with the bridge in the background.
  • The second tip is that you can get there by a horse carriage ride because it’s located just next to the path.
Surprise Proposal at Gapstow Bridge in Central Park.

Gapstow Bridge Proposal. Photographer Vlad Leto

1 - Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge is the most famous place to propose ever!! It’s located near 72nd street and the Central Park west entrance. I personally have shot more than 500 proposals here. I think this bridge needs to be renamed The Bridge of Love! Here, you can propose on the bridge, a cross of it with the Bow bridge in the background, and even on gondola under the bridge. It’s been under partly construction for past few years, but last year it’s been finally completely open. If you do want to propose on the bridge, I would recommend to go there in the early morning before it gets to crowded.

But my personal favorite spot is across the bridge and it’s called Wood Chip Vantage Point.We can also decorate it for you, bring a musician and make lovely heart out of flowers. On this video, you can see one of proposals we did there. So, if you decide to propose on Bowbridge, it will work out if you follow my tips. You just need to pick a spot and time which fits your personality and how you want to propose.  Link proposal video from The Bow Bridge

Surprise Proposal in Central Park Bow bridge

Bow Bridge Proposal. Photographer Vlad Leto

Marriage proposal with Bow Bridge on background in Central Park

Bow Bridge View Proposal. Photographer Vlad Leto


If you are planning to propose in NYC, please let me know and I will help you with ideas, locations and, of course, photography.

What was your favorite spot? Where do you want to propose, or if you already proposed to your loved one, let me know in comments the below?