The Cloisters Proposal (Mitten and Sarika)

Wedding proposal in The Met Cloisters

If you cannot stage your proposal in one of the medieval landmarks in the Old World, The Cloisters in uptown Manhattan more than adequately fits the bill! Mitten selected this incredible museum as the site for his proposal to Sarika on June 21.

She enjoys history a lot and sure that everyone of us write his own unique history anyway. So, the proposal near the Met Cloisters museum, which presents over 5,000 years of art from every corner of the world for everyone to experience and enjoy, would a perfect idea to make she say “Yes!”.

Her cute square printed dress provides a stunning pop of color against of huge mixture of tones of the city and water in the background. To round out the moment, the newly engaged couple took a walk around the Met Cloisters, one of America’s the richest and the most famous museums filled with the wonders of medieval Europe through the art, architecture, and gardens on territory near the building.

Mitten arranged beforehand with workers of museum about his wedding present for honey history fan. He made with Photoshop a range of old-fashioned photos where were couples with changed faces on Sarika and Mitten ones and left them as a part of museum exhibition. When they came inside together receptionist counted them as one person, explaining that they were soul mates, two halves on either side. Sarika was shocked a bit but that was not the last stage. At the midpoint of excursion when Sarika started to ask critically questions and guessed that something went wrong, Mitten stopped and popped a life-changing question. What is the power of successful made shot!

The weather cooperated royally, wouldn’t you agree? From the Cloisters, we moved to Tryon Park located in the Hudson Heights and Inwood for a few more shots. The area was known by the local Lenape tribe as Chquaesgeck and by Dutch settlers as Lange Bergh (Long Hill). Nowadays, especially in fall time this place produces masterpieces backgrounds for photo workers – cameramen and models, which share their smiles. The smile on Sarika’s face is simply gorgeous, so warm and serene.




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