Central Park’s Gapstow Bridge Proposal (Marta and James)

Surprise proposal in Central Park, by Gapstaw bridge.

The best friend of Marta is getting married soon. While she was riding the bus recently, she began rehearsing the speech Marta intended to give at the wedding. She ended up getting more than a little carried away… From a bystander’s perspective, the scene would have looked something like this: a young woman sitting on the bus, looking out of a dim window, not a sound coming from her but she’s clearly very emotional: her lips are trembling and there are tears in her eyes. At the same time, she’s got a goofy smile on her face. Marta emerged from her stupor only when a man sitting opposite the woman asked if she was feeling OK. Marta looked around — just about everyone else on the bus was eyeing her warily for some reason. She only really understood why later on: it turns out the final stop on that bus route is a mental hospital. That man asked her about her mental state was James, her future husband. Funny story of meeting, isn`t it?

James gave her his number. He worked as psychotherapist there… Later, Marta explained all to him and after a month of messaging, they started dating. After a year of relationships, James decided to married his crazy Marta. The life-changing moment planed to be on Garstraw bridge, one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Central park. When the couple started walking to the proposal spot a guitarist stared to play favorite song of Marta and James. It was sounding in the bus where they met. After she said yes I also came to they and we started a formal engagement photo shoot. Generous nature boosted a huge flow of amazing photos of sweet and lovely story about how the funny moment wherever you are may change the life.


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