Central Park Wedding (Ostin and Carol)

Wedding photoshoot in Central Park

Fall is the best time to taking wedding pictures in central park, when leaves are finally look like a mixture of yellow and red oil paints. And a pair of lovers, Ostin and Carol, are so young and so confident, and go through the red-yellow sea, the autumn wind and the last rays of the warm sun to meet married life, holding each other’s hands

Ostin and his soul mate Carol have met during the walking fourteen months ago and they have been never walked alone since that time. In order to make a wedding proposal, Ostin planed a special romantic destination getaway for two in this ocean of leaves. There was very cute tradition to count steps always when they were walking together and they find a symbol of their relationships in it – they go forward into a peaceful future despite everything. It was unsurprisingly Ostin used it for his proposal to Carol.

That was a romantic autumn day as usual. He offered Carol to go to Central Park for walking and photo shooting in yellow leaves. Ostin, in turn, did not see how she could refuse, because she enjoys this place surrounded by magnificent nature in noisy New York City. He also hired me as a photographer to catch this life-changing moment. So, they were walking as usual and speak about future goals. Before starting, Ostin asked Carol to put tracker on 450 000 steps and do not question him about reasons. She did so. Suddenly, after few hours of walking the tracker on Carol`s wrist rang, he stopped, stand on one knee and proposed at 450 000 steps. It is the number of steps they have done together.

I am happy that the high quality of my work gives an opportunity to build great and long term communication with my clients.

We started photo shoot from Sheep Meadow, going alone the hill. That is so wide territory for fantasy flight and good photos. We went true the mall. Our last location was at Bethesda terrace and near the fountain. The photo session lasted all day and we were tired enough to just enjoy each other’s presence and beauty.


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