Gapstow Bridge Proposal in Central Park

Gapstaw bridge is one of my favorite romantic places in NYC.
In this article, I will share with you one of the most incredible proposal locations.

2020 update!
It looks like During Covid pandemic Central Park didn’t have enough maintains, so this place seems a bit wild. It still looks great, but I would recommend to check it by yourself or ask me to send a recent picture of this area.

What is special about proposing at the Gapstaw Bridge?

The view is what makes it unique. Imagine a beautiful stone bridge on the Pond, surrounded by trees and New York City skylines. There is no place in the park where you can have such a great combination.
It’s a relatively quiet place. This part of Central Park knows to be very popular with visitors. Most tourists prefer to hang out south of the Bridge or on the Bridge itself. But I like to go north from the Bridge. There is no asphalt path, and you need to know about this spot to get there.

Where it’s located.

Proposal ideas in NYC

Its location is very convenient, about 5 minutes walk from the 59th Street and 5th ave entrance to Central Park. You can get here by N, W, R trains or by cab. It’s also near the most famous NYC landmark hotel – Plaza. After the proposal, you can go there to celebrate in one of the amazing bars and restaurants, including my favorite – The Palm Court.

The spot on the picture is not easy to find. For all my clients I make a map of how to get to the proposal spot.

When is the best time to propose at the Gapstaw bridge.

Central park gapstow bridge proposal. photo by Vlad Leto

My favorite time for the photos in this place is the afternoon.
I wouldn’t recommend proposing there after sunset, because a street light gives weird green colors on pictures. This place is excellent at any time of the year. In summer there are lots of green leaves. The fall foliage looks very beautiful. During winter, it opens more views of skylines.

Don’t do

Along with not recommending time I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I will also not recommend going there during or after rain because it can get a bit muddy.

Addons, decorations.

We don’t usually do decorations there. This place is very natural, and any decorations could disrupt the perfect balance. What you can have here is a musician who will play your favorite song when you propose.



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Gapstow Bridge Proposal in Central Park
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Gapstow Bridge Proposal in Central Park
Why is the Gapstaw Bridge is a great Marriage proposal spot in Central Park?

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