Central Park’s Bow Bridge Proposal (Drew and Lauren)

Drew made proposal to Lauren on Central Park’s Bow Bridge.

High school sweethearts Drew and Lauren dated for four years before getting engaged one Thursday night after Graham handed Carley an “adventure card” that had a picture of them at their favorite coffee spot. Two “adventure cards” later (each featuring a snapshot of themselves enjoying previous dates), Drew led Lauren to a rooftop deck, overlooking downtown Athens, where he proposed. “I probably said ‘yes’ seven times and am thrilled to be marrying my best friend!” Lauren says.

For successful wedding photoshooting Drew decided to go to this masterpiece view for his second “proposal” to Lauren. Did you know that Central Park’s Bow Bridge is considered Manhattan’s most popular proposal spot? I was not surprised. It is decorated with an interlocking circles banister, with eight planting urns on top of decorative bas-relief panels. Intricate arabesque elements and volutes can be seen underneath the span arch. Brilliant! While other bridges in Central Park are inconspicuous the Bow Bridge is made to stand out from its surroundings. The crown jewel of Central Park, Bow Bridge’s slightly swooping ‘archer’s bow’ has held the hearts of native New Yorkers, tourists, couples, brides and grooms, movie-watchers, joggers, row-boaters, photographers, and fishermen since it was built. It’s a masterpiece I sure.

I shot here so often so remember every detail of its origin and history. The bridge spans about 87 feet, with a walkway of ipe, a South American hardwood that turns a deep red when wet.  The bridge is the second oldest cast-iron bridge in America.

That was random but lovely photoshoot. I love the nice angles you can get of this rustic bench set at the edge of the water. This shoot was planned very quickly for this couple from Wisconsin who came to the city in early June and sometimes I think that the best plans are the ones that fall together at the spur of the moment!


Photo Central Park's Bow Bridge Proposal | VladLeto

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