Central Park Bow Bridge Proposal (Chloe and Gary)

This pretty couple of lovely Chloe and Gary traveled to New York City from Florida. He proposed on Bow Bridge in Central Park and surprised her with a flight, leaving later, this evening, to Zion National Park in Utah, where they would hike through the Narrows and climb atop Angels Landing as they did it after Gary`s first wedding proposal. It is a present for real adventurers, but it also had a symbolic importance!

Chloe said me why the wedding present was so extreme and told me their story of first wedding proposal in passing. She said, smiling widely, that it happened after 5 years of friendship. Chloe, Gary and five other mates were always together since they played in college basketball team. After graduating they continued to keep in touch and did not end up seeing each other much. They have already had two friends who fell in love with each other for the last years, so Chloe guessed that strange things were going on. When they docked the boat after weekend`s fishing, that’s when she saw their friends, who had been hiding, and the emotions came rushing in. The couple rushed home to pack, and that’s when Chloe learned that Gary had already purchased their hiking equipment, which was hidden under their bed. “We rushed and made our flight to Zion,” she said. “It was beautiful and perfect place for declaration of love.”

At the end of May, they drove to Las Vegas where both of their immediate families were waiting to celebrate. “It was the perfect ending to our engagement story,” she said.

After Chloe finished this cute story about their extreme relationships, we made some shots on Bow Bridge, including “second” wedding proposal, and continued with a extra-fast and extra-exciting photoshoot in other beautiful locations of Central Park.


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