Bow Bridge Marriage Proposal (Lila and Christian)

Late spring proposal on Bow bridge in Central Park.

The romance of Lila and Christian started 8 years ago. Let’s take ourselves back to 2011 when this story started. They both worked on Cruise Ships, she was a dancer and he was a Magician but not just a Magician, the coolest and best magician in the industry and in the Fleet as Lila sure. She was successful and soon joined Christian and the rest of his cast on Carnival as a dancer. Till now, being on a cruise ship means they get to know everyone really quickly – that time is almost fast-forwarded compared to life on the land. And so, Lila got to know him very quickly, both developing a bond and liking the quirkiness, kindness and attractiveness they both saw in each other. She said that she grew to admire Christian’s qualities; She saw that he is a very hard worker, a complete perfectionist when it comes to his work, All qualities which were attractive to her. After that words I became more attentive to all shots to provide appropriate result to my clients. They quickly realized that they wanted – in fact, needed – to be together.

After the cruise they continued their relationships in New York City and after 2 years of wonderful life together Christian decided to propose Lila in Central Park. He also invited me to save this magnificent moment. In this time, Central Park’s Great Lawn is a sea of sunbathers, frisbee tossers, picnickers, and others enjoying 55 acres of carefully manicured grass. Winter is a less popular time to explore the field, but without the crowds it gives the illusion of going on for miles and miles.

Lila have found a unique and empowering way to celebrate their common special date. The eight ladies that made up her bridal party before her wedding and she held a professional swimsuit photoshoot in the Bahamas (on her honeymoon), stunning in a white one-piece design.


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