Wedding Proposal in Brooklyn Botanical Garden (Gary and Stephany)

Marriage proposal of Gary and Stephany inside of Brooklyn botanical garden.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is about fifty acres of world-class indoor and outdoor gardens and iconic architecture, conveniently sited in the heart of Brooklyn, make it a desirable location for photography and film projects. As I know, all visitors of garden may take personal photographers in all public areas as long as they abide by the Garden’s general rules and photo policies. So, that is a bit hard to apply to all individuals taking still or moving images on the grounds of Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but I can not let myself to avoid this place. The Garden maintains the right to adjust these policies in specific instances. Photographers, as me also, must move if asked by any staff and we may be asked to restrict activities to certain places or times. I warned Gary about that, but he continued to insist on it and I was not surprised.

For most people when they first meet it sometimes has a romantic storyline but for them as they told the day they have met was a sad day at Gary’s Granddads funeral. Steph knew of Gary, but didn’t really know him. She did know his Granddad really well through horses and competing at campdrafts (a unique Australian sport involving a horse and rider working cattle), so there was their first meeting.

When it happend I guess you could say it was love at first sight as they both couldn’t take their eyes off one another. Not much has changed though they were still always gazing at one another, she guess that wass what people call true love. Stephany has knew Gary was the one from the moment they met. They were inseparable and there was no love quite like it. Every second of everyday they are constantly telling one another how much they love each other and how much Stephany and Gary both mean to one another.

Lush, romantic backdrops for wedding and engagement photographs can be found everywhere in the Garden. From the explosions of pink during cherry blossom season to the fiery hues of autumn foliage, the Garden provides one stunning tableau after another for Gary and Stephany who desire a photography session on-site.


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