Surprise Proposal by Gapstow Bridge (Machitta and Lanny)

Why we have chosen this photo spot for their momentous first step towards rebuilding their lives? Because of the beauty and special symbolic meaning of this place. Gapstow Bridge is located in the north end of the pond, that is one of the iconic spots to take pictures from the bridge or of the bridge. If you will ever be on the bridge look to the south and you will get beautiful views of Central Park South and the world famous Plaza Hotel, look north and in the winter you can see the ice skaters at Trump Rink, or in the spring and summer when it becomes the Victorian Gardens amusement park. Unsurprisingly, Lanny had chosen Gapstow Bridge to make a surprise proposal and huge wedding present to Machitta. Despite of advanced age, the spirit of Lanny did not stop to be romantic and charismatic.  He got down on one knee and asked “Maybe, it is time to do it?” She smiled wide and answered “Yes, it is time. Yes, just yes”.

One of the best places in Central Park to get an unobstructed view of Manhattan’s skyline is from the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. It’s one of the only areas of the park that connects the West Side with the East, and takes about 30 minutes to cross. Snowstorms provide cross-country skiers with untouched snow while regular park visitors stay tucked up indoors. Fantastic views! Lanny and Machitta have spent here 15 years in long common walks. Every evening since the first day of their meeting they were walking in the park with long conversations, playing in games and dancing outside in summer time. I hope that they continue to spent not only every evening here, but every day everywhere together.


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