Proposal at The Lake Viewing Area in Central park.

Carlos and Melissa were visiting New York from Miami, Florida and Carlos knew he wanted to make this trip very special for his girlfriend. It was their anniversary celebration trip as the couple was dating for 6 years now. They met at the friend’s party and liked each other instantly. They are both working teachers in Miami, so it was hard to find time for a trip, but New York was always on their bucket list, so after long planning, they finally made it here.
Since it was their first time in New York, it was very easy to trick Melissa and bring her to the park. We choose the lake viewing area as a proposal spot, as it was by the lake and has a very beautiful view. When they reached the spot, Carlos was very nervous when he was pulling the box from his pocket. He gets on one knee and asked Melissa to marry him. She was so surprised. She said yes and started to hug Carlos. In a minute she noticed the photographer ( me) and was very surprised to find out that he was there the whole time taking pictures. It was a very beautiful and emotional proposal.
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Proposal at The Lake Viewing Area in Central park.
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Proposal at The Lake Viewing Area in Central park.
Carlos proposed to Melissa in Central Park. The couple was visiting New York From Miami, Florida.

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