Proposal at High Line (Amar and Jeroen)

The morning was bright and clear, the kind that only autumn in New York can concoct, when Amar and Jeroen visited the High Line. This was their first trip to New York from their home in the Netherlands. Joroen is a 33-year-old lead project manager for an electrical contracting company and Amar is his close friend from Netherlands, Amsterdam, where was started their relationships. They have moved together to New York City after the university graduation. They discussed their next vacation together, walking down the streets of New York City with group of tourists and Amar had a special surprise for Joroen planned for this particular morning. I also was there and looked like any other stranger from the tourist group.

Jeroen has finished his marketing project successfully and his vacation planned to start from the next week till the end of month. Amar said he had one special idea for him how to spend that time and offered the proposal which he could not denied. Up on the steps of this iconic Manhattan landmark, Amar dropped on one knee and proposed to Joroen. “It would be a wonderful trip,” he said, “and two weeks is too short and too wonderful for me. So, I want to spent all my life with you!” What was so lovely and magnificent, how changed the face of Joroen from concentrated and quiet to excited and full of happiness in a second.

He was a photographer as me, so, during all my secret work process I was remembering that I should do as better as possible for this couple. I know how it feels to catch special memories for people every day on one hand and to be among this people on the other hand. Oh, what a way to mark the beginning of the new, golden season of fall! Neither of them will ever forget the exhilaration of this life-changing moment.


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