City Hall Wedding (Charlie and Olga)

He, Charlie, a 32-year old professional show jumper from Houston, Texas, and she, Olga, a 30-year old art designer from Moscow City, Russia. They got married in NYC City Hall. That was rainy, but very romantic one. So romantic as their wedding proposal.

The story of their wedding proposal sounds like an amazing adventure I had ever heard. It happened in late November when Charlie was visiting Olga. They go on an Iditarod sled dog tour to celebrate her 30th birthday. They were riding along with a dog instructor in the first of two sleds that were pulled by twelve dogs, with two of Olga`s friends in the sled behind them as they made their way along.

On a cue from Charlie, the dog instructor stopped the sled halfway through the tour. As the passengers stepped out, Charlie dropped to one knee in the sparkling snow, and with a bright sunshine bouncing off the local river and the mountains behind them, he presented Olga with a rose silver ring and asked if she would marry him. I think even the coldest froze could not freeze their hot feeling and hearts protected with love to each other at that moment.

“I really didn’t see it coming” Olga told on the wedding ceremony. “It was so special and unique, the kind of moment I’ll remember and cherish for the rest of my life.” She repeated this words lots of times that life-changing day in the New York Central City Hall.

All in all, Olga shined as the brightest diamond or the biggest star on the sky. Charlie looked like he got the most wanted prize in his life. The ceremony was fast but cute. I am happy that the special atmosphere of the City Hall helped me as a photographer to catch the special magic of lovely sweet hearts.


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