City Hall Wedding (Gustav and Marry)

Couple from Germany got married in City Hall.

Thanks to my working as wedding photographer, I make sure that love does not know borders every time. Gustav and Marry is a couple from Germany. They moved to New York City, not even knowing about exiting of each other. Their first chance meeting happened in Schönefeld Airport when they were waiting for personal screening before the flight. Gustav said he noticed this pretty woman just at first sight and was so amazed that even could not say something. Second time they met after the flight. He helped her carry her language and Marry offered him to drink some coffee together. They were talking for two hours as old friends, which have not met for ages. After some time it turns out that they attended the same university in Berlin that sounded a bit impossible. I think it may be a reason why they have so much in common.

Marry as Gustav does not know anyone in NYC and even I, who was only their photographer, became their witness. The couple was so grateful to New York City, which set them up that they decided to get married traditionally in central City Hall. The lucky story about sweethearts from Germany, who lived very close to each other, but found themselves on another part of the world, makes me believe in fate. Every photo of  honeymooners full of warmth and tranquility like they found something they really needed after long years of waiting and searching. They had so many chances to see and meet one another in Germany, but they did it here, in New York City. After the City Hall we went for a photo shoot on Brooklyn bridge – another one symbol of the city. Fine weather and popular spectacular location helps to shot many good memorable pictures.

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