Central Park Shakespeare Garden Wedding (Branden and Andrew)

Central Park same sex elopement of Branden and Andrew

They had very romantic, cute and homey wedding proposal dating. Branden made a proposition by book. The couple were in a Manhattan bar when Andrew suddenly departed. The barman gave Branden instructions to visit a nearby book store, where he should ask about F. Scott Fitzgerald, ‘The Great Gatsby’, his favorite book. He got it and found the instructions inside to go to a waiting limousine, but not before being handed a third book, “First Folio,” which Branden was reading when he first dated Andrew. In true Andrew style, his proposal was elaborate, creative and so thoughtful, because all happiness from marriage contains in words “Married life is wonderful! Be or not to be… only with you.” Between its pages were also his passport and a ticket for that evening to Fort Lauderdale.

Taking to their last “location”, Shakespeare garden in the Central Park by limousine, Branden came to the place sank in poetry and romance created by Andrew. Upper West Siders and fans of the Bard have probably heard a lot about it. It is the four-acre expanse planted with flowers and a variety of plants which are usually blooming in warm times of the year. All plats are mentioned in the playwright’s works. Each bed of columbine, quince, rue, lark’s heel, wormwood or cowslip is labeled with a small plaque featuring the relevant quote. There is also a special curved granite bench. It even has a special legend. If someone sits at one end and whisper, another one person sitting at the other end will be able to hear this words, loud and clear.

At all, Andrew was waiting for Brandon there, standing on a one knee. All family and friends came there. Of course, this surprising wedding proposal and small ceremony was successfully finished with Stephan`s “Yes!”. After the wedding we went to Metropolitan museum rooftop for a impressive photoshoot with a bird`s eye view.


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