Proposal photography in New York

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I’ve been to many countries and many cities but I think New York is the best city to make a marriage proposal. It has so many amazing romantic places. From most popular proposal in Central park to some exclusive private rooftops with the breath taking views (by the way, if you are interested in rooftop proposal, I can help you with renting one of them).
Recently I start doing video of the secret proposals and I found a great drone operator, who joined my team for a better quality video. I have it in my new packages feel free to ask about it.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

NYC has many beautiful areas, parks, restaurants it is so many things to do, from romantic picnic proposal to a boat ride or helicopter proposal. Recently I created a new website, which is orientated to help people with creative ideas and planning, It will help with your marriage proposal in NYC, it calls On this website you can find help to make you proposal unique. There you can find proposal ideas, proposal planning, rooftops, guitarists, violence, flowers and decoration help for you most important day in your live.

Same sex proposal

I love taking pictures and helping couples with the organization of the LGBT marriage proposals.
Unfortunately it still rare compare to strait couples, but hey, you are in United States, in NYC the city where most same sex wedding are happening. I always wonder why same sex proposal is still such a rare thing?

Marriage Proposal in New York

NYC is the perfect city for engagements. Now I can help you not only with photography of your proposal, I can also do video, set the drone video, make an amazing romantic marriage proposal video and also help you with ideas, planning, renting rooftops. Just send me an email to and we will in touch!

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